‘Stilettos to newsroom’ is one of those books of its time which was not written by a frustrating jobless engineer. It was actually suggested to me by one of my editors in Rupa when my first edits were on. I wasn’t surprised that this book was suggested since it was from same publication and I was stupid enough to tell the same to my editor and also added that my book is about making of a rockstar and sexual orientation. Anyway, I was never into girlie stuffs; I actually came to know what stilettos meant only after reading this book. My editor smiled and said- ‘Don’t read it, just enjoy it.’ And you see, after 3 years, I still remember each and every character of this book by heart. The book is as amazing as its author but unfortunately, she is now marriedL.

Anyway, Thanks to Rashmi for making my event international, so we have her live online all the way from Canada. It may be just one fine evening here with Sunday to follow but its early morning there and so we have Rashmi for just one hour. So, instead of mine otherwise stupid (read witty) questions, I directly give the charge to our online members.

Subho : Statutory warning- Nobody flirts with the guest today. She is married and her husband is monitoring the event.
Rashmi : Oh Subho! You have already killed all the chances for me, lol.
(I could see couple of members going offline.)
Rajveer: I have already gone through per profile. She has a kid too.
(Dude! Just stop stalking all the girls in my profile.)

Sanhita: I absolutely love the title. So, how much of "stilettos" and how much of "journalism" will we find in the story? I'd love to read about both the sides, although the second side just makes me wanna read it ASAP.
Rashmi: Sure would love for you to do that!! Read it yourself and tell me how much of stilettos and how much of newsroom you find in it.
(I don’t know why but Sanhita too went offline, I guess she read my warning just now.)

Atanu: How you made it to Rupa?
(Ask me, it’s all about patience)
Rashmi: Actually it could be very tough to get a publisher. There are millions of manuscripts that lie rejected or unpublished. I just got plain lucky to hit it off with RUPA!
(Same pinch)

Apurve: What made you chose a NRI?
Rashmi: Heard of marriages being made in heaven?
(I was thinking she would say the falling price of rupees. No offence! Just kidding!)

Himani : Since you are a journalist how much you as a person relate to this story?
Rashmi : 100%
(I hope it’s not an autobiography)

Himani : People normally write true stories or love stories for their debut novel. You wrote a very different plot. So what are your expectations with this novel and why did you chose such a different concept?
Rashmi: I got more than I had expected from this book. I received many bouquets and a few brickbats, thanks to stilettos in the newsroom! I chose to write on journalism because I wanted to share my personal experiences as a journo with everyone. What worked to my advantage was that not many had written books on journalism when I decided to write one!

Meanwhile, Heena joins us and she is upset that her questions have been asked and answered already. She blames it to Congress.
 Heena: Sab questions puch ke ho gaye ab mein kya puchu .. Damn this light. (**She sobs**)
Rajveer: Welcome Heena! I was wondering where you were.
(Oh god! He will now check her profile also.)

Sundeep: Don’t worry Heena! You can ask new questions.
(Can anyone tell this guy that I am hosting and it’s Rashmi’s interview)

Shubham : Do you believe writers are born, taught or both? Which was true for you?
(By the way, one important news is that Shubham doesn’t work in Flipkart anymore. So, wannabe authors stop liking or commenting on his wall.) 
Rashmi: My personal belief is that writers are born not taught! You can’t learn emotion, can you?
(Emotions?? For few I know, writing is all about sexual fantasies.)

Shubham: If you could have lunch with any writer, living or dead, who would it be? Why?
(I wonder why this guy always talks about food. Anyway, he needs to workout seriously.)
Rashmi: I would love to have lunch with Orhan Pamuk--he is so good looking.
Subho: What about me?
Rashmi: You have already written me off as a married woman na!
(I rather not stretch this question, I forgot her husband is monitoring.)

Shubham: Title itself says stilettos and my experience says back off.
(This guy stopped reading since he doesn’t get any free copies from his office go-down)
Rashmi: Not from the book though, just the mighty stilettos!
(My co-author Mahi will buy this book just for its cover.)

Heena: Agla sawal ye hai aapke computer screen pe -what you like doing more being a journalist or a writer (author) and if any specific reasons to it?
(I tell you this girl is so super filmy.)
Rashmi: I think I relate or connect better with myself as a writer.

Heena: Which genre is your most favorite or all time favorite??
Rashmi: I love contemporary literature and my second book is also from this genre. See, I don’t think it’s a great idea to keep changing your genre if you’re comfortable writing in one.

Atanu: How much life changed after the book?
Rashmi : It changed completely. You become famous, get attention, people know you.
(There is a correction. People don’t know you until you’re sexy or have dimples)

Sundeep: Here goes my first question- Stilettos in the Newsroom comes as a girly name. Is the story girly? Can we call it a chic-lit?
Rashmi: No it’s not a girly novel, although my main character is a female called Radhika Kanetkar.
(Strangely, people are complaining that the book is girlie stuff as if we guys don’t love to read about girls.)

Sundeep: Sorry, for not doing my homework, but are you already published?
(Tada! Did you miss the introduction?)
Rashmi: Yes! Sundeep I’m already published. 2010

Himani: 2010 and I haven't read this one Subho thanks for introducing her.
Subho: Hosting such events gets me free books. Her books were my first international parcel.

Sundeep: Are you writing your next? What is it about? When can we expect it??
Rashmi: I think it will be out soon. This book is about marriage saga in India n life as a single person.

Sundeep : Is it going to be Rupa again??
Rashmi : No. I am searching for another publisher. I already have an agent.

Rajveer : Why you moved to other publisher?
Rashmi : I had professional issues with RUPA.
(Anyway, a publisher is known for its authors and not editors)

Shubham : Stilettos in the newsroom is this book about girls being underestimated in journalism? If it is then, as a liberated woman, would you nevertheless prefer to have been born a man?
Rashmi : No I love every bit of being a woman. I am so proud to be a woman. Stilettos in the newsroom is about strong women who are liberated and passionate. I can never underestimate women.

Meghant: if you have to co author a book with someone who would the he/she be and why?
Rashmi : I am not sure if I’m ready to co-author just yet but if John Abraham offers then why not?

John Abraham Huh! Anyway, since we had little time today, we need to wrap up this chat early. It was amazing to have Rashmi with us. I move ahead to retire on my bed and I wish Rashmi a good day ahead. Thanks online members for joining!!! CHEERS!!!

Winner of this event is Sundeep

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